Mass Customization with 3D printing

"Versoteq has repeatedly exceeded our expectations with a hard working attitude and excellent project management."

Elaine Hall, CEO Podfo Ltd.

Case Peacocks Medical Group

Peacocks Medical Group is one of the UK's leading suppliers of medical equipment, including orthotics, theatre equipment, mobility aids and dental & surgical.

A few years ago, Peacocks looked into 3D printing to advance their foot orthoses. The company won part of a National Health Service in England (NHS England) project dedicated to the development of innovative products and services address unmet health needs. Peacocks commercialized their innovated 3D printed foot orthoses with the name Podfo.

The creation of 3D printed orthotic insoles

The process starts with a medical professional who 3D-scans the patients feet to acquire a 3D-scan of the patients feet

The 3D-scan data is imported to the software

  • The Versoteq software uses the 3D-scan data of the patients feet in order to create a 3D-printable model of an orthotic insole with the individual proportions and the corrective patient specific functions.

  • The 3D-modeling process is automated and additional configurations can be made manually if it is wished.

  • There is no need for any CAD software since the modeling only requires the 3D-scan data and a printable 3D-print file is created.

  • The process from scan data to production model takes approximately 3 seconds as it earlier took 30-90 minutes a piece.

The Versoteq 3D software is a solution that is available to different platforms depending on the customer requirements.

Versoteq 3D design automation solution allowed mass customization of the orthotic insoles

time from savings from 30-90 min to 3 sec

Leading to

enourmous cost savings


scaling of the business

The solution used

  • 3D Software for Additive Manufacturing