3D digitization at National Museum of Finland: tablet display, digital restoration, and 3D replica

The National Museum of Finland lets visitors better explore the 13th Century Madonna sculpture of Korppoo with a 3D virtual model and 3D printed replica. The early 13th century carved walnut Madonna resembles the famous "Black Madonna" of Chartres, and is the only Finnish example of Romanesque sculpture to have survived to the present.


In this project we created 3D virtual model using photogrammetry which is a method of taking multiple images of the sculpture and using special lighting without damaging the object. The digital 3D model is displayed on a tablet to allow visitors to interact, closely examine the virtual model, and discover even the smallest details and the inside part of the sculpture, which they cannot otherwise see from the original sculpture on display.


A 3D printed a replica was created from the virtual model, which people can hold in their hands and touch to learn more about the object. The tactile replica is particularly helpful to visitors with visual impairments as they cannot see the object.

The 3D printed replica can be easily reproduced on demand at a reasonably low cost for other purposes such as souvenirs, education and research.


A restored version of the Madonna sculpture was created together with the museum's conservator Matti Aaltonen. The audience now can see how Madonna and her costume might have looked like in the 13th Century.