Göteborgs Stadsmuseum: Touchable Precious Pieces

How would visually impaired people experience art? Everyone should have an equal opportunity to be part of the cultural life. With the aim to make objects in their collections accessible to everyone, Göteborgs stadsmuseum in Sweden decided to offer a tactile museum experience in their new "Värdefullt" or “Precious Pieces” exhibition by introducing 3D printed replicas of some of their most spectacular objects. The audience is encouraged to touch the 3D printed replicas, which are displayed next to the original objects, to personally interact with the objects in their very own way.


In September 2016, the museum has opened a new exhibition in an 18th century cellar vault. The exhibition unveils objects that were rarely shown to the public. Displaying a mixture of valuable and unusual objects in a unique way, the museum wants to encourage the audience to reflect and think about other values of the objects besides their material values.

The exhibition is available from 17 September 2016 – 17 September 2023. Find out more about the exhibition on the museum's website.


Museum artifacts are often displayed behind glass or are often too fragile or valuable to allow visitors to touch. In order to offer a more accessible experience, Göteborgs stadsmuseum decided to produce 3D tactile replicas of selected precious objects and allow visitors to touch and interact with the replicas. This opens to visually impaired visitors a new gateway into the museum experience.

Five important objects in the exhibition were selected to be 3D scanned and 3D printed. The scanning was done at the museum and took 1 day. We completed the post-processing and 3D printing jobs afterwards.

One of the most spectacular object is the Kronkåsan (Crown Drinking Cup) from the 1500s was 3D printed in 1:1 scale.

An Erik XIV gold coin and a silver coin were 3D printed in 1:10 scale for the audience to better touch and see small details which otherwise cannot be clearly seen from the originals.

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger photos. All photos are taken by Göteborgs stadsmuseum.

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