Museum of Architecture of Finland: 3D scanning miniatures and building

3D scan miniatures

In 2015 Versoteq, in collaboration with the Museum of Finnish Architecture, 3D scanned 4 interesting miniature models and 1 actual building using the photogrammetry method. The chosen models for 3D scanning are part of the Models Collection of the museum and represent distinctive architecture of Finland. 3D models are available for online view at

One significant model is the miniature of the Hyvinkää Church. The church has an interesting pyramid-like shape and was built in 1961.

Hyvinkää Church

3D scan a real building with drones

Another interesting 3D scan is the Lauttasaari Water Tower in Helsinki. Unlike other scans, this 3D scanning was done out of the actual construction with a height of 34 meters, using drones. Multiple overlapping photos of the tower was taking as the drones fly around the area. The 3D model was then generated from the photo outputs.

The water tower was arguably the most important landmark in the Lauttasaari district of Helsinki. The tower was demolished in 2015; thus it was important to reserve the building in a digital form.

About the Museum of Finnish Architecture

The Museum of Finnish Architecture, one of Finland's national museums, collects and distributes knowledge about architecture and increases its understanding among the general public as well as experts. It is an information centre for topical architectural practice, research and critique, oriented toward the future even as it records history. The museum builds a bridge between architecture and its users, and on the other hand it is a link in the interaction of professionals. It focuses on post-1900 architecture.