AR and VR solutions

for Immersive and Personal Brand Engagement

Virtual Reality is about creating experiences. At Versoteq, we create VR solutions for enterprises and organizations across industries, from business, manufacturing, architecture, healthcare to culture institutions, to increase brand engagement and customer interactions. From in-depth product demonstrations to virtual experience tours, our goal is to work with you to create stories that resonate the audience.

Our VR solutions work with different affordable gears and platforms. Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift, to name a few.

VR Showroom for an engaging and personal shopping experience

Virtual Reality offers retailers the possibility to engage customers in ways that traditional catalogues or physical stores cannot match. Customers can slip their smartphones in VR headsets and browse and explore the products or even see how a product works.

VR Real Estate and Home Builder

VR is the solution for the deep-rooted desire to see before buying. VR lets your customers step in their future apartments and seeing the interiors and decorations (kitchens, furniture, etc.) even they haven’t been built. If seeing is believing, a clear vision of the results will facilitate the purchasing decisions and enable customers to make decisions faster.

Combination of 360 videos or photos with 3D content

360 videos and photos can be made quite easily nowadays with consumer grade equipment such as Samsung Gear 360 Camera. Professional equipment can also do 360 content with a depth feeling when using stereo lenses for capturing such as Nokia Ozo. We can work with all kinds of 360 content and even add 3D objects to the mixture to enhance the experience.