K-Rauta Virtual Reality applications for Kesko

Versoteq has been an active and trustworthy partner when developing new services for K-Rauta!

Hilla-Maria Karamäki, Design Development Manager

K-Rauta is one of the biggest hardware store chains in Finland

K-Rauta has been recently re-branded and Kesko as the mother organisation is investing a lot of efforts into digital services. K-Rauta has been a traditional hardware store in Finland with a wide variety of products. Now it has launched a Cello kitchen brand along with the new branding of the stores.

K-Rauta VR for Cello kitchen visualization

Kesko wanted to try out the possibilities of novel technologies such as virtual reality. With the help from Versoteq, Kesko and K-rauta stores were able to find a good solution to start testing. We did a pilot on two stores with Samsung Gear VR (application to the Oculus store) and allowed the customers to see their new kitchen with virtual glasses. Next we made a native mobile applications for Android and iOs to explore three model kitchens and change few materials on the fly in the application. The native applications work with and without Cardboard VR, so K-Rauta can address as many users as possible. Basically the only requirement is that the phone has a gyroscope sensor.

The applications are built so that the user can "walk" in the room and observe the kitchen in detail as well as change some of the materials. While the native cardboard application allows only the viewing of three model kitchens, the in store GearVR setup allows the users to view their new kitchen design. The visualization is not photo realistic, but adds a new and interesting channel to see the design before making a big decision of renovating your kitchen.

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Future of kitchen VR

Possibilities of virtual reality are quite endless and with Kesko we've only scratched the surface. We started the project with very small steps to ensure we got the feedback from all involved parties during the development. This way we can ensure that the development is going to the right direction. Next steps could lead to combining the cardboard app and the GearVR / Oculus store app so that you could show your new kitchen design at home or anywhere else with your own mobile. More interaction could also be added as well as the communication between the kitchen sales and the end customer to bounce ideas and designs.

The solutions used

  • Virtual Reality