Health Care solutions

Applications with 3D visualization

Check out the Peacocks Infograph as a great Case example!

Versoteq 3D Solutions software ("VersoCore") has been most effectively used for customizing unique products for health care customers. The VersoCore accepts basically the patient related inputs (images, 3d scans, pressure or temperature data as CSV files etc.), diagnosis related inputs (parameters as form data, JSON etc.) and other relevant information. Then the data is automatically recognized, aligned and processed until the result becomes a 3D model that can be used for visualization or product manufacturing. The process can be automatic or semi-automatic, leaving possibility for hand-made adjustments or quality assurance when needed.

The investment in our solution reduces the need for manual design work thus reducing the cost. It also reduces product delivery time, standardizes the quality and reduces need for expensive CAD SW licenses.

Check our reference(s) here.