International Women's Day!

We celebrate the International Women's Day by giving a tech blog post since there should be more women involved in technology. We'd actually thrilled to see more women in our company doing 3D software, so if you're looking for a position contact us!

The picture above is from an augmented reality (AR) demo of a collaboration software where one can teach the insights of a hearth. As you can see there's a business card underneath the hearth working as a target image. This has now become ancient history. Apple brought ARKit to iOs and Google followed fast with ARCore for android. Both of these enable mobile devices to show AR content on any flat surface. We're glad to see that companies like us get benefits from this competition, since now Google has published ARCore 1.0 which enables positioning content on walls and even on more complex forms. This will let us place the heart to your chest for instance or create curtains to your window frame with ease and it will work on millions of "normal" mobile devices. Apple will most lightly follow up soon and maybe provide us with even better tools to create stunning experiences but also value adding software solutions which will make a difference. We understand the technology, but the real revelations come from our customers once they know the possibilities, which we among others are trying to educate. So spread the word (especially to women): Possibilities for great value adding solutions for AR are growing!

Facebook is also doing development on this front by allowing people to publish 3D models online, so I'm going to share our 3D scanning reference piece when I'll share this post to Facebook. Be sure to check it out! Facebook is also developing on the 3D front with AR studio which is also a promising platform. It has very good facial recognition features which have produces many cool marketing campaigns from Game of Thrones to Star wars to Supercell. Even though many women watch and play these brands I get the feeling they aren't the optimal audience. More women in the tech scene would definitely help to create content which is aimed for all!