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Versoteq 3D Solutions - A versatile 3D company

Versoteq 3D Solutions has been established in 2013 and we have been creating more value for our customers ever since. Our expertise lies in automating 3D model generation, modification and visualization on multiple devices and operating systems.

We focus on providing 3D solutions to industry and retail due to high customization demands and high added value with the help of automation. Both these segments have many places for our automation solutions for 3D models and for use of Augmented and Virtual reality to visualize the generated 3D models.

Stay tuned and begin refining the future made in 3D with us!

Rauno Huttunen, CEO

+358 50 3099104


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Asentajankatu 5, FIN-00880 Helsinki, Finland

Billing information - e-invoices

Company: Versoteq 3D Solutions Oy
Address: Finnoonniitynkuja 4, 02270 Espoo, Finland
Y-tunnus: 2548345-9
VAT Number: FI25483459
e-invoice address: 003725483459
e-invoice operator: OpusCapita Group Oy - Itella (003710948874)
e-invoice agent id: 003725483459

If you're unable to send e-invoices, we kindly request that you send the paper invoices to our invoice scanning service to:

Versoteq 3D Solutions Oy (OpusCapita skannauspalvelu)
PL 90753

In order for the scanning service to direct the invoice for Versoteq, the invoicing address should be on the invoice and not just on the envelope. Please, do not send anything other than invoices to this address. For informational and marketing material the postal address remains the same.

Versoteq 3D Solutions Oy email scanning address:

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