3D Visualization

for Industrial and Consumer Products

Versoteq makes 3D visualization easy with web browsers and native mobile applications for product marketing and communications. Users can rotate the product in 360 degrees, zoom in to explore the features and even manipulate the product in various ways (i.e. disassemble to see parts, operate the products in different modes, change shapes and colors).

Many industries can benefit from 3D visualization—consumer product, machinery, automotive, architectural, medical, pharmaceutical, fashion, and others.

Visualize Products in 3D on Website

We transform 3D CAD models into interactive walk-throughs and demonstrations. We start by either modelling a product in 3D or using existing CAD files, and then set up virtual cameras, lights, and environments to get the desired results. Heavy CAD files are compressed for seamless online visualization.

3D visualization is implemented with our inhouse 3D Core SW, empowered by WebGL for rendering 3D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins.

iOS and Android Apps

We also develop custom-branded mobile apps for visualizing products in 3D. Different features and demo modes are implemented to enable a smooth product demonstration that works offline.

More than just Visualization —3D Manipulation

Our main competence is 3D model manipulation. We do not only visualize a solid 3D model as is, but also manipulate the model to effectively showcase and highlight important features and functionalities of the products. Open up the machine in parts, measure the parts, virtually turn ON different running modes, show material flows, present the product in different settings and much more.